Thursday, April 18, 2013

For a Few Dollars More...

How much money did each senator receive for their re-election for voting "NO"?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wedding Candy Buffet

Just beginning another candy buffet and I posted the following photos from  a wedding from last year. The couple wanted a candy buffet but the reception hall would not allow it. So in order to satisfy everyone we designed and printed fake candy labels with fun wedding facts on each box. We had over 100 people and made enough for 300 people and still ran out of candy.

Using baby pictures we created milk chocolate wrappers with photos of the couple as children.
 Then made reproductions of famous candy wrappers and changed the nutritional information to info on the couple.

 Hersey kisses with baby photos

 Home made sea glass to match the wedding colors finished everything off.

Monday, April 15, 2013

20 Year Collaboration.

Twenty years ago Andy started work on building two end tables for his home. Unfortunately he could not complete the build on these tables because Parkinson's Disease got involved. Andy kept these end tables in storage since then where they sat in pieces waiting to be completed. Several months ago Andy asked me if I could finish them for him. I had never done a collaboration with anyone my life. From my illustration work and woodworking, I have always done work on my own.

Completing these tables were like finishing someone else's math problems. I knew I would get the same answer but I did not know how Andy got to where he was because he did not show his work. But they were completed and Andy asked me to add a drawer on each one. They are made of cherry and tiger maple with many hand coats of finish. The time spent working on them is something I will treasure.

Yesterday after Arlene and I dropped them off at Andy and Josa's, Andy gave me a large unfinished tiger maple plank from the original piece for the table top. I have no idea what I want to use it for...yet.

But I think some kind of collaboration is needed. Pieces like this should not be done...alone.