Monday, January 28, 2008


This illustration is for next month's Flying Magazine article on "Glitches" .
The folks over at Flying have been great to work with and are always very accommodating.
It's great for illustrators when you work with people like Al Struna, Andrew Becker and Nelson Cupples. It just helps push you to make your work better.
I have been working with all of them for about three years now and every assignment has been interesting to do.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Detail of wine holder

...Here is a close up detail of the wine holder from the Colonial dry sink.

Colonial Dry Sink with Wine Holder

This was a very nice project just completed. It is a pine Colonial dry sink painted red and black with a crackle finish on the interior sink area and back panels. The client, a wonderful family in Marshfield MA. asked to have included with the sink, a wine holder that looks like it was part of the distressed sink that could sit out on the table when they entertain.
I am now going to make one of the holders for friends since I loved the piece so much...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Illustrator's should be paid for their work

Illustrators in the United States have never received the income they earned from having their work reproduced overseas.

While other countries already have a system in place to return fees to artists, American artists have been thwarted at every attempt to have these earned fees paid directly to the artist. In fact many do not know these fees are being misdirected and distributed to organizations without their consent.

One such organization called the Graphic Artist's Guild has been receiving artist's fees for a very long time with no accountability and especially with no mandate by artists.

Amid their own claims that they have "grossly mismanaged funds" that has "lead them to the brink of bankruptcy", I fear these funds will continue to be diverted to fund organizations such as GAG, instead of to the artists who have earned these fees by creating the original work.

There is a growing foundation of seven organizations called the "IPA Reprographic Rights Coalition" who have been asking for accountability regarding the use of these industry funds. Not surprisingly they are having a hard time changing a bad habit in the states, even if other countries already are returning fees to artists.

Time will tell if enough people will listen to these true artist's organizations or if the money will only continue to fund an organizational revenue stream to make up for "gross mismanagement".

It is common sense. Reprographic royalties are the earned income of all published illustrators and these fees should go not to any one group but only to the artists who create the images.

Check this link out for more or click on my link for the Illustrator's Partnership:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WCVB's Chronicle

On Friday January 25th at 7:30 Chronicle will feature a short segment on my studio. If you are able to view the television show I hope you tune in.

Inside spots

And here is one of the interior spots that goes along with the cover art...

LBA Advisor

My God, things have been very busy here.

I will be uploading a ton of images and info in the coming days to make up for a lack of blog posts since the summer. But for now, here is the cover for the Latest LBA Advisor from Broadbased Communications. First time I ever drew a lion and I like very much how it came out.

I have been working on new furniture pieces and illustrations over the past three months. Now if I get a break I will try and show you what the studio is up to.