Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home Portraits

For the past few years I have been commissioned to do portraits of peoples homes and office buildings for a variety of clients. I would come out to their home take pictures and go back in the studio to paint the portrait. It has become a fun opportunity to get out of the studio and meet new people. Many times the art is unframed but our local frame shop does an excellent job of framing the pastel painting.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Broadbased Communications

Here is one of several illustrations just completed last month for a LBA Advisor brochure, art directed by Jan Korb. A wonderful person to do illustration for and a great pleasure as an illustrator to work with.

Smaller Blanket Chest

As promised here is the second blanket chest done this month for the collection of furniture. A smaller version than the first one but with a sliding removable tray. The piece is done in pine with dovetail joints.
The chest is lined with cedar and is slightly distressed to match a version I have seen elsewhere.

Flying Magazine Illustration

Here is a sketch and final illustration for Flying Magazine art directed by Andrew Becker. I really enjoyed doing this assignment with Andrew. His input and suggestions helped make the illustration a much stronger piece.

Shaker Blanket Chest

It's been very busy these past few months here in the studio.
I have just completed three different blanket chests to add to the collection of furniture on my website. Here is a medium Shaker cabinet made in pine. The interior has two cedar lined compartments and cedar lined on the bottom along with a brass lock and key.
I will add the other chest to the site in the coming days.